2023 Summer Reading Program

Our Summer Reading Program starts Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

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This year EVERYONE is eligible to participate in the summer reading program! This means infants through adults can earn prizes for reading. It’s very simple: you pick up books at the Library, then read and record your books and time on the Beanstack app. Beanstack will notify you when it is time to visit the Library for a prize!

The goal is to read 900 minutes from books at your reading level. For every 300 minutes you read, you are eligible to pick up a prize at the Library.  When you have read 900 minutes and finish the reading program, you’ll receive your t-shirt from the Library and a raffle ticket through the Beanstack app. (Adults will have the option to choose either a t-shirt or a tote bag.)

Prize Levels:

SRP Record sheet

Click to download a printable SRP Record Sheet

Children and teens can choose either a book or a prize out of the prize bin for prize levels one and two. For the level three prize, the finisher prize, they will receive an SRP shirt.

Adults can choose a prize out of the prize bin for the first two prize levels. For the third prize level, adults can choose between an SRP shirt or a tote bag.

Download a printable record sheet or pick one up at the Library.


Absolutely-positively-no-kidding last day to pick up prizes is Saturday, July 29, 2023.


Raffle & Grand Prizes:

After completing the summer reading program, everyone will automatically be entered in a drawing for the grand prizes. You will also receive an online ticket through Beanstack that you can put into a virtual drawing for smaller raffle prizes donated by local Lebanon businesses.

For every extra 100 minutes you read beyond the 900 minutes goal, you will receive another raffle ticket in the Beanstack app. You can earn up to 10 extra tickets!

Keep scrolling for information about keeping track of your reading on Beanstack. 

beanstack logoDownload the Beanstack app to keep track of your reading for the Summer Reading Program.

Beanstack QR Code

Scan QR Code to download Beanstack

Beanstack will let you and your family sign up for the Library’s Reading is Groovy! Summer Reading Program, as well as other reading challenges. You can track your reading and earn badges and prizes. You can even compete with friends to see who ranks highest on your leaderboard.

Beanstack can be used online your computer, if you prefer. Check our Online Resources if you wish to use it online.