Escape Room: 18 & up

January 8, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Lebanon Public Library Story Time Room
Madi Staggs

In this event, attendees will work as a team completing puzzles and challenges in order to “escape” the room and unlock a treasure chest filled with prizes. The challenges will involve various riddles, padlock combinations, and tricky clues that will require attendees to use their academic ability to solve the puzzle. This activity is a great way to practice working with a team and problem solving with puzzles.

Theme: Ringing in the New Year

The New Year is finally here and you’re ready for the “new” version of you; however, somebody had a little too much fun ringing in the New Year and locked the list of resolutions in the Breakout box. In order to break out of your bad habits from 2018 and create a new and improved you, you must get that list! Otherwise, you’ll be back to your old self and never break those bonds of the past!

Ages 18 & up