Homeschool Event: Make a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Book

April 14, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

The Library is offering bi-weekly Friday meetup events for homeschool children to get together and participate in STEAM-related enrichment activities. Every two weeks, we’ll give a brief presentation on subjects like 3D printing, coding, robotics, electronics, book discussions, crafts, and more.

This Friday’s event will be:

Make a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Book – Young writers will love this collaborative class on story writing. In it, they’ll learn how to plan out and write a story with multiple choices that affect the plot and different paths for the reader to take. Each attendee will receive stylized template pages for their book (that look just like the classic series of books), as well as a page for outlining their whole story. At the end of class, we’ll share our progress and try to play each other’s stories.

*****Any attendees should make sure they read a Choose Your Own Adventure book beforehand, so they have a reference for how this kind of book works. Check with our helpful library staff to find a good recommendation in our collection.

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Ages 8-13