Stories and Crafts with Marissa and Racheal

Stories and Crafts with Marissa and Racheal

Every Tuesday at 1:00 pm Marissa will read 3 or 4 books. After story time, Racheal will show viewers how to do a craft.

If you would like to get the supplies for the craft, call in and set up a curbside pickup order or add it to your curbside pickup order when you call in for the books you want to borrow. The craft supplies will be bagged up and ready to go at the time of the order. In addition to physical craft supplies, there will be a printable version that will be available for patrons to download and do from home. We hope you can join us!

Look for the week’s craft on the premiere date of that week’s episode.

YouTube link for the Stories and Crafts channel

For Ages 3 and up