2024 Summer Reading Program

Level Up at your Library

The 2024 Summer Reading Program begins on Thursday, May 23.

Important dates:

  • The first day to claim SRP prizes is Friday, May 24
  • The last day to pick up prizes (including shirts/totes) is Saturday, July 27

Finisher requirements:SRP 2024 Pac Man maze graphic

  • This year, total minutes required to finish the SRP are based on age:
    • 0-6: 300 minutes (5 hours)
    • 7-12: 600 minutes (10 hours)
    • 13+: 900 minutes (15 hours)


  • Readers ages 0-12 will receive a shirt as their finisher prize. Readers ages 13 & up have a choice between a shirt or a tote bag
  • Books are an optional prize for all ages this year! (while supplies last) 

Recording minutes:

  • Optional: You can use the Beanstack app to record your minutes read or use the paper log sheet (or both!)2024 Reading Log
    • If you do not want to use the app, staff can add information in your Beanstack account for you

Raffle prizes:

  • You can earn up to 14 digital tickets to enter our raffle drawing
    • Earn 1 ticket for completing each of the 3 levels, plus 1 for finishing the SRP
    • Earn up to 10 extra tickets for reading beyond the finisher goal.
      • 0-6: every additional 25 minutes
      • 7-12: every additional 50 minutes
      • 13+: every additional 100 minutes
  • Some of our raffle prizes include:
    • 4 one-day tickets to the Cincinnati Zoo
    • 4 one-day tickets to Kings Island
    • $100 gift certificate to Creech’s Garden Center
    • $25 gift certificate to the Breakfast Club
    • $25 gift certificate + prize bucket from Broadway Barrel House
    • 5 free yoga classes from the Green Lotus Yoga Studio
    • 1 month class gift certificate to Gym-nation
    • Gift basket from Anytime Fitness
    • Gifts and accessories from Oh Suzanna
    • Free mini Blizzard & small cone coupons from Lebanon Dairy Queen
      • More raffle prizes may be added throughout the program. Check your Beanstack app or the SRP table at the Library to stay up to date on raffle prize options!

Keep scrolling for information about keeping track of your reading on Beanstack. 

beanstack logoDownload the Beanstack app to keep track of your reading for the Summer Reading Program.

Beanstack will let you and your family sign up for the Library’s Level Up at your Library! Summer Reading Program, as well as other reading challenges. You can track your reading and earn badges and prizes. You can even compete with friends to see who ranks highest on your leaderboard.

Get the Beanstack app


Beanstack can be used online your computer, if you prefer. Check our Online Resources if you wish to use Beanstack online.