Q: Can I get a library card?
A: Any person over the age of 12 who resides in Ohio can sign up for a library card. Just bring an Ohio-issued photo ID with you. Your first library card is free. Replacement cards are $2.00.

Q: What if I just moved to the state and do not have a picture ID with my current information?
A: You can bring photo ID and a bill that shows your residential address so we can get you in our system. Your card will be mailed to your address and you will only be able to check out one book during that visit.

Q: Can my child sign up for a library card?
A: Children ages 5 to 11 can sign up for a library card if they are with a parent or a legal guardian.

Q: I cannot come to the library but I would like to read ebooks. How can I get a card?
A: You can sign up for an online only card. This card can be used to access our ebooks and downloadable audiobooks. The card will be replaced with a physical library card if you come to the library to borrow a physical book or a board game.

Q: I cannot come to the library, but I would like to read books. How can I books?
A: We have an outreach service for homebound patrons in our service area. Our Homebound Service Coordinator will meet with you at your place of residence on a scheduled, monthly basis to deliver books based on your interests. Please call the Library at (513) 932-2665 to set up this service.

Q : I don’t know what my patron ID is.
A : Your patron ID is the number unique to you that is found on your Library card.

Q : I don’t know what my PIN number is.
A : Your PIN number is the last four numbers of the phone number the Library has on your account.

Q : I still don’t know what my PIN Number is. How do I change it?
A : Please come in to the Library to update your account information. We do not give out or change information over the phone. We want to be certain you are changing your information yourself, so please bring ID if you do not come in often.

Q : How many items can I check out?
A : You can borrow up to 99 books and audiobooks (combined) and 2 board games. That is the total number of items you may have checked out on your account at any given time.

Q : If I have a fine on my account, can I still borrow books?
A : You may borrow books as long as the fines on your account are under $10.

Q : Do you have movies?
A : No. The Library’s collection is dedicated to books in all forms – print, audio, downloadable.  Because we specialize, it is one of the broadest and most current Library collections for miles around.  We add over 12,000 items every year.

Q : Do you have a fax machine?
A : Yes.  Our copier on the Main Floor across from the Circulation desk is enabled for faxing. It costs 75 cents per page to send a fax.

Q : How much does it cost to make copies?
A : Black and white copies are 15 cents per page and color copies are 30 cents per page.

Q : Do you take credit cards?
A : No. The Library does not take payment for any of its services by credit card at this time.

Q : Do you have internet at the Library?
A : Yes. We have Wi-Fi throughout the building and available in the Library Park from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. We also have computers that are connected to the internet available for the public to use on both the Main Floor and in the Technology Center.

Q : Do you have to have a Library card to use a library computer?
A : No. The Library has guest passes available for anyone who needs to use a library computer.

Q : How do I log on to the library computer?
A : If you have a Lebanon Public Library card, use your patron ID from the card and your PIN number. If you do not have a Lebanon Public Library card, you can ask for a guest pass.

Q : Can I print from the library computers?
A : Yes. The printers on both the Main floor and in the Technology Center will print in black and white at 15 cents per page and in color at 30 cents per page.

Q : I need to save my work and I don’t have email. How can I save it?
A : We have USB flash drives for $5.00 at the Circulation Desk.  Flash drives are a good, portable way to save what you are working on.

Q : Can I bring my computer to the Library?
A : Yes. The Library has plenty of outlets for charging, Wi-Fi throughout the building and in the Library Park, and wireless printing in the Technology Center.

Q : Can I borrow some headphones?
A : We do not lend headphones, but we do have earbuds for purchase at the Circulation Desk for  $1.00 a pair.

Q : Are food and drinks permitted in the Library?
A : Food is not permitted.  Drinks with lids are permitted, including baby bottles in the Story Time room.

Q : Do you have restrooms?
A: Yes, we have public restrooms on the Main Floor and the Lower Level. They are located at the west end of the building. We also have a Family restroom in our Story Time room that is handicapped accessible.

Q : Where can I park when visiting the Library?
A : The Library has a large lot with many handicapped parking spots.  Entry to the lot is from South Street.

Q:  I think the Library Park pavilion would be the perfect place to hold my small wedding ceremony.  Is it available for that purpose?
A:  Yes, it is and at no charge.  Call the Library for availability.

Q : Can I register to vote at the Library?
A : Yes. We keep voter registration forms at our Information Desk. You can pick up a registration form there.

Q : What if I cannot find my answer here?
A : You are always welcome to call us at (513) 932-2665 during the hours we are open. When we are closed you can email us.