Beanstack – help get kids excited about reading!

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The Library is so excited to introduce our newest app, Beanstack! Beanstack tracks your reading the same way a fitness app tracks your physical activity. With Beanstack, you can track the titles of books you read, time spent reading, and even follow friends to see who has read the most.

Beanstack is great for teachers who want to have a friendly (or fierce) competition with the classroom next door. Motivating students to read outside the classroom can be a difficult task, so why not make it fun? Teachers can create one account and sign up all their students so reading can be tracked by you, the teacher. At the end of a challenge, see which classroom has come out on top!

Read with Friends in Beanstack Add friends to share books, challenges, and stats

Participating in some of the Library’s challenges on Beanstack will even earn your students a prize. For instance, during the month of January, we held our Winter Reading Challenge for readers of all ages. Those who completed the challenge by reading a total of 450 minutes were able to pick up a 3D printed prize. Some of our challenges are just for fun; to encourage you to read those recommended 20 minutes a day and maybe even start a reading habit that will last a lifetime.

We’ll be using Beanstack for our annual Summer Reading Program, to keep track of minutes read, and so you’ll know when it’s time to come to the Library for a prize! Get a jump start on learning the ins and outs of Beanstack before the summer by signing up for a challenge today. Some of our upcoming challenges include: Black History Month; For the Love of Reading; Women’s History Month; Read to the Final Four; and more!

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Download the beanstack app here!

Download the Beanstack app and register for an account today to get started. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Library at 513-932-2665 or send an email to Madi Staggs. More information can be found at this link.