CultureGrams – snapshots of cultures around the world

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OPLIN (Ohio Public Library Information Network) has an excellent new Online Resource for Ohio libraries to share with our communities: CultureGrams®

CultureGrams® is your source for concise, reliable, and up-to-date cultural information on countries of the world. Beyond the facts and figures, find an insider’s perspective on the history, daily life, and customs. Also covers US states and Canadian provinces and has a Kid friendly edition that covers cultures around the world.

CultureGrams homepage screenshot

All of the editions have a similar layout so college-aged students can comfortably search the other editions after they graduate from the Kids edition. A drop-down selector lets the searcher shift between editions based on the searcher’s need.

This resource is an excellent snapshot for students working on state or country reports or for travelers looking for a brief intro to a new country before their trip. Search categories are laid out clearly and the pages can be translated into other languages for non-English speakers. All of the editions include video interviews from average citizens, audio files to help with the pronunciation of common phrases, and photo galleries to help searchers envision each location. Classroom teachers can save information from CultureGrams directly to their Google Drive or can share the page to Google Classroom.


CultureGrams® has printable teaching activities and handouts as well as online scavenger hunts for use in the classroom or for homeschoolers.