How Beanstack Supports the Science of Reading

Beanstack supports the science of reading graphicWe have been very excited to promote the Beanstack app this year as a tool to help us help you track your reading while earning prizes. The app gamifies reading through reading and activity challenges. It helps track the titles you read, how long you read or number of pages read, and encourages writing reviews and competition among friends.

Beanstack has been identified as a tool that can help build a reading culture within the classroom. Teachers and parents and even peers help youngsters learn and build phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, and vocabulary. Discussion, and eventually written reviews, demonstrate comprehension.

Beanstack can be used within the classroom to help track reluctant readers. Earning the badges offered through the app encourage young readers build up their literacy skills. Challenges between classrooms can encourage higher level readers to help their peers who are struggling.

This online article from the Beanstack team is an excellent read. Other, supporting articles are  embedded within.

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Teachers wishing to give Beanstack a try in the 2023-2024 school year can create a classroom group through our app!

Beanstack can be downloaded from our phone’s app store or you can find it through our online resources.