Newspapers in Education

With modern technology, physical newspapers are becoming obsolete in education. The value of the news in education, however, should not be obsolete. With Newspapers in Education, students can learn all of the valuable information from the news on a medium that is relevant to their modern technology needs. This website is completely free and is an excellent resource for students, teachers, and homeschool families in middle and upper grade levels.

To access the educational content on the Newspapers in Education website, visit and click on the gray box for lessons by grade-level.

On this page, you will see news-related lessons and activities in the core subjects, like an interactive map in Headline Geography, a leveled vocabulary lesson in Word in the News (which includes an elementary level), and a science webcast in Pulse of the Planet. The interactive activities, videos, and visuals appeal to students of all learning styles.

You can also choose to view a specific online newspaper that is managed by NIEonline. On the main page, sort through the references. For example, you may want to show students newspapers specific to Ohio, so you could choose Ohio Newspapers.

This will give students access to the news-related activities and lessons, but also to ePapers, like the Dayton Daily NewsSpringfield News-Sun, and Journal-News.

This website not only exposes students to the news and helps them comprehend the highlights, but can also be used to get them thinking critically and formulating opinions. This is the perfect way for students to understand what’s going on in their world!